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Paper Core Recutter
Paper core recutter is suitable for cutting small size paper cores,core thickness is 0.5-5mm,core diameter is 3-80mm,core length is 5-600mm. If you are interested,pls feel free to contact us:hatacmachinery (at) hotmail (dot) com...
A4 Paper Cutting Machine
A3 A4 paper cutting machine is suitable for cutting offset paper and other different kind of paper into different sheets.The max. jumbo roll is 4. Max. Unwind Width:1100mm Max. Unwind Dia.:1500mm Max. Vertical Cutting Width:50mm Cutting Length:20...
Economic Plastic Film Slitter Rewinder
Slitting and rewinding machine of high versatility for a wide range of flexible packaging materials,various plastic films and laminates as well as special papers and aluminum foils. The main feature of HTFQ series is the duplex or single shaft rewin...
Rotary Blade Paperboard Sheeting Machine
Sheeting machine of high versatility and heavy duty applications for a wide range of flexible packaging materials. Working Parameter: Unwinding Width:500-1400mm/1700mm Max. Unwinding Diameter:1800mm Cutting Length:450-1450mm Paper Thickness:60-5...
Multi-blade Paper Core Cutting Machine
Paper core making machine applications for making various size paper cores,such as packaging can,tea can,food can,wine can,firework core,tissue paper core,toilet paper core,stretch film core,fax paper core,etc. Working Parameter: Paper Layer:3-10 l...
Flexo Paper Printing Machine
Flexo printing machine is specialized in printing paper,adhesive label,as well as plastic film. Working Parameter: Max. Unwind & Rewind Dia.:1200mm Max. Material Width:1040mm Max. Printing Width:960mm Max. Printing Length:200-1200mm Max. Pr...
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